By connecting technology and knowledge on individual and institutional level with innovative skills, 7Gates Interactive Technologies develops technology applications that enhance life. Principles like the following: do better than previously has been done, discover new things that have never been previously tried, implement something that you have never previously thought about, direct your customers with a perspective beyond today have become an indispensable part of our work and mission.

Provision of fast, reliable, productive and accessible technology within the institution make your processes integrated with each other on the most advanced level. This enables to add your customers, suppliers and strategic cooperation to the developed applications. As 7Gates team, we strive towards approaches such as multi oriented, mutli national, multi lingual and disciplined work and production. These approaches enlighten our path towards the future.

We offer best quality services in order to reach our target, which is to enable our customers' provision of a competitive advantage as well as focusing on their work requirements. We also aim at identifying our customers benefits by directly use of outsourcing. We continue offering services and projects on revolutionary process innovations and business transformation and we find specific solutions to our focus sectors such as Transport, Health, Tourism and Education sectors.

As an open resource management software i.e. a platform, Odoo is the only competent solution partner in the country. We use Odoo integrations in all enterprises from the smallest to the biggest.

The presence of e-transformation in the business world and the Public Institutions brings new business opportunities and deals. Witnessing improvement of business life and enhancement of the quality of life we are more than proud to see that through the services we offer, both business life and the quality of life is improved and enhanced.