What you need to do is to just focus on your work and let Odoo help you

Businesses today are faced with difficult, competitive conditions and because of this they need help more than ever before. Being at the same time speedy and productive, knowing your customers, being persistent in your work and offered services, independent in your business, making reports on your activities are just a part of the obstacles and difficulties of businesses today.

What does Odoo solve

    Odoo (originally Open ERP), is a resource management software used in Sales, Purchase, Customers Relations Management (CRM), Project Management, Store & Inventory Management, Management of Resource Products (MRP), Accounting, Human Resources Management and in other basic functions of businesses and all sectors.

    The aim of Odoo is to increase work and business performance by providing effective management from a single point.

    The main center of Odoo is in Belgium and it has business partners all around the world, with more than 1000 technical and competent staff. Oddo's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and open source software solutions have shown to be very successful with great businesses and brands such as DANONE, Singer, Whirpool, Auchan, Veoila and Canonical.


The number of Odoo partners


The number of organisations throughout the world that use Odoo


The number of users that use Odoo


Active modules developed by Odoo and its partners


With its flexible structure it can easily respond to your requests.


With its modular structure you can use as much as you need, and customize it for your requests.

User Friendly

The user-friendly interface allows you to use the functions without difficulty.