Omni Channel Commerce

As Seven Gates Information and Communication Technologies Inc. we provide new experiences, fast solutions and unthought of conveniences to the firms using e-commerce and retail solutions we offer. Thanks to our experience with Odoo ERP, we are offering a new experience in Omni Channel Trading with the integration of back office needs with innovative technologies.

International Sales

Odoo allows you to easily realize your international sales with multi language structure and accounting support on a country basis. You can manage your offline/online store through a single platform.

Store Inventory Management

Accurate inventory management lies behind the success factors such as lowering costs, working efficiently with suppliers and managing shelves.

Multi Branch Structure

With our system, which is suitable for retail chains, supermarkets and gas stations, regardless of the number of branches, you can manage your retail operations efficiently.

Multilingual Structure

Get translations in multiple languages that fit professional standards on your website without any effort. Use professional translators to automatically translate all the content on your website with Gengo integration.

Easy Integration to Existing System

With just one click activate Odoo's ready-to-use enterprise features such as e-commerce, business announcements, events, customer references, blogs, newsletters. Track all the processes through a single platform with seamless integration.

Product Content Management

Gather your centralized product and customer data on a single platform for multi-channel use. Enable advanced search optimization. Help your customers to add additional products to their shopping cart with built-in cross-selling property and show similar and more relevant products to the visitors with the Odoo Upselling tool.

Offline-Online Store Management

You can view reports of your sales according to your sales channel, while managing both your store and online sales inventory on a single platform. Increase your brand recognition and service quality with your online and offline channels.

Order Orchestration

Centralize the process and control routes of your orders in different channels and stores. Make your end-to-end inventory stock visible. Follow your exhausted stock according to minimum inventory rules. Manage your collecting, packing, and shipment processes. Give your purchasing experience a seamless and easy-to-use look by customizing your payment process.

Store Management in Different Locations

Take advantage of Odoo's power in online store management! Register your online vendors in the system with the Geolocalisition feature, and direct them to your candidates and create a loyalty program by defining specific price lists which offers special discounts to your best customers or sellers.