Enterprise Application Development Services

Enterprise applications today constitute the basic infrastructure of companies' information systems. Most companies in order to get/achieve integrated, efficient, automated and standardised infrastructure, make investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management(CRM), supply chain management(SCM) business intelligence and industry software solutions. The result of this is a business process improvement, provision of quality and accuracate data on time and in a safe way to company managers, suppliers, customers, business partners, control bodies and employees.

We beleive that software implementations offer unique opportunities for improvement of companies' business processes, as well as redesign of the organizational structure and information systems infrastructure. Therefore by being flexible, sustainable, and implementing practices in complience with corporate business sector needs, 7Gates aims at continuously adding value to services it offers by not remaining within the same boundaries.

Beyond these, enterprise applications are not limited to only implementation of enterprise resource planning(ERP) or implementation of other systems. The ERP journey starts not with its implementation but with “the decision to implement”. Such a decision involves various difficulties. 7Gates "Pre-Implementation Assessment" and "Package Selection" services provide guidance in making the right choices for companies. Contrary to the general opinion, the ERP journey does not terminate after its transition to live usage. In fact, this is a new beginning. The 7Gates post-implementation phase , includes services such as "Dissemination", "Education" and "Post Implementation Review" , aiming at supporting its customers.

Application Modernization

Corporate executives in charge of technology have so far never been under such pressure as they are today. As on one hand 70%% of Typical institutions carry on global processes via use of Legacy Systems, on the other hand the attention has not remained on the systems anymore, but it has eventually focused on the institutions' software applications portfolio as well as on transformation into innovations that will support uninterrupted work, taking minimal risk while controlling transformation costs.

We offer you help in identifying innovative solutions to extend usage of your old applications(Legacy Applications), as well as their implementation. We replace your systems consisted of old programming languages and no longer used platforms to new and sustainable modern systems. Our experts offer your help and do not leave you on your own in solving big issues such asrenewal, change, consolidation, improvement or re-creation of applications in your portfolio, thus contributing to the implementation of your enterprise modernization projects.

  • With the reduction of costs more value added compared to the old system
  • More manageable modern software application portfolio
  • Minimum business downtime and less risk

Software Applications Development

IF/IN CASE If you were able to take advantage of new opportunities by accessing innovative technologies and software solutions compatible with your job? If you could increase the value of your business by using effortlessly reached talented global resources and development of innovative application technology? If Your software application development costs could be predicted, if you could reduce the costs for your transparent and final software?
Your reliable technology partner 7Gates® application converts your development into strategic advantage. Our great experience, highly skilled global resources and our proven processes and methodologies, provide software solutions that fully support your goal. So starting from your business vision to the lowest level of your business activities experience the 7Gates efficiency of high-performance solutions partnership, and experience the values it will add to your business.

Why 7Gates® Software Development Services?

Because our professionalism and customer focus approach is unique. We gain your trust by providing reputable solutions that will bring success to your business. Our priority is that we always focus on customer satisfaction, offering quick solutions and ensuring trusting cooperation, Using the wide-range experience we have in industry and technology applications, we develop applications in many sectors(industries), technologies and platforms With innovative technologies we provide tangible benefits and create a solid enterprise ready to take advantage of future opportunities. Our solutios, which characterize with rapid software development capability, provide the critical beginnings within the tight time schedule. We provide proven, high-quality processes and best practices associated with the sectors(industry), as well as measurable outputs.