SaaS Applications

Software as a Service or abreviated SaaS, is the provision of software applications as services on the internet. Instead of installing your software and permanently managing the system, as well as maintenance, you can get rid of complex software and hardware,and have access to software applications via the Internet. SaaS applications that run on the service provider's server, provide services as security, availability and performance including transactions to access the application.

The Software as a Service -With its low cost and ability to allow applications to be taken quickly into use, with greater flexibility, which brings important increase in productivity, became a quickly accepted software. It is especially applied in customer relation management, human resources management and sales management and is considered to be a part of the IT strategy.

SaaS and Cloud solutions, that ensure innovations to impossible desktop software solutions and allow you to reach high-performance, provide a model that will change your business and information technology.

The advantage of SaaS

  • By accessing the economy and by moving applications to the cloud, it(SaaS) reduces operating and maintenance costs.
  • It eliminates costs and hardware needed to run the software applications, as well as the infrastructure costs.
  • System operating expenses(labor, energy, etc.) are reduced to zero.
  • Software upgrade and maintenance costs are reduced to zero.
  • SaaS enables business partnerships by extending the use of services on its ecosystem, with direct or indirect channels (suppliers, customers, business partners, etc).
  • Enterprise SaaS applications are considered as a part of the entire business operations and IT structure and reduce costs.
  • With social networking experience and working with customers, allows you to have a 360° view of the customer.