Corporate Travel Management System

By using automated processes that help implementation of Corporate and Legal policies you save money instantly and continuously. In order to ensure compliance with sustainable, cost conscious corporate policies and make it easy for your employees to travel use 7 Gates Corporate Travel Suite.

Analyze your company's current travel policy and define it again.

All phases of Travel Management run on a single line, you can connect each other with policy-driven processes.

By using web and mobile applications you can increase productivity for the travelers and the travel managers. The transparency of expense reports and travel expenses in the report panel can be increased. With quick accounting and refund cycle your administrative expenses can be decreased.

Increase compliance with the support of worldwide legal travel requirements.

Travel Management Companies

  • Apply special discounts to institutions.
  • Complete automated accounting and payment processes.
  • You can apply different rules and flows to different customers.
  • You provide instant tracking and information flow through the customer portal.
  • You enable your customer to reach all financial details through advanced analytics and sound reporting.