Technology Consultancy

Today, on one hand as IT brings huge changes and novelties into the business world, it makes your business more virtual, mobile, more secure and more shareable on the social network. On the other hand, IT helps your business meet the needs of the modern business world, strengthen the existence of your businesses on the long run, and most importantly contributes to the whole business process by using a proactive approach, enlightening the future of your company/corporation.

By using balanced and objective consulting approach 7Gates Technology Consulting, helps your business and corporation to evaluate your corporation's information technology strategies, the applied technological solutions and methodologies.

Information Technology
IT Strategy

What kind of technological basis does your corporation need? Are the products you use compatible with your long-term strategies and your plans? Or what kind of methods-technologies are necessary to use in order to move your business in a higher position? Using technology in order to increase productivity and reduce costs what route is necessary for you to follow?

7Gates Technology Consulting helps you and your Corporation in giving the right decisions and making compatible the technology applications to your business. It also helps you make the best choice from the range of business software and hardware used in many different areas, implement the right methods and finally enables you to use IT services and manage from a single point in stead of many different points.

Software Application Modernization

7Gates Technology Consulting provides advice for your corporation , analyzes current software applications and examines if they are appropriate for your business in the future, proposing the most suitable modernization or transition to different applications. In the process of technology transition or application modernization 7Gates Technology Consulting manages the whole process from A to Z, and enables you to complete this process without any risks and without interruption.

  • Analysis of the existing Software and Technology
  • Current and / or future of Business Process Analysis - Appropriate Technologies and Software Applications (software and hardware) Determination
  • Determination of Methods for Using Technology (Purchase Product, Product Development, as the use of service, rental etc.)
  • Integration of various software applications - Managing the Process of Technology and Applications Transition - Managing Technology and Application Development Projects

End to end Transformation

​​If you want to improve your business processes you can either enhance technology to optimize your current job, or simply improve your organization's operational performance. With 7Gates professional management model we offer you the most appropriate advice and services. The Business Process Management, which identifies in what way corporations do business, enables to create electronic version of business processes, and ensures monitoring of the business processes and thir finalisation. Due to the modelling of business processes , it is easy to help the right person to reach the correct information at the right time. Remarkable corporate earnings are obtained as a result of better managed processes.
7Gates Interactive Technologies provides its customers within the coorporation a workflow management system that ensures standardization and automation of business processes. In addition, this solution provides the customers according to their workflow flexible and interchangeable modules. By combining our expertise in the field Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance, Industry, Finance, Risk Assessment and technology, we help our customers enhance their business performance in compliance with risk management legislation and helping them to add value to the company.

7 Gates' business transformation characteristics brings together business and technology and helps you to institutionalize your strategy, as well as to design future operating models and what is more important to manage changes in all business operating areas.

Enterprise Systems Integration

7Gates Systems Integration Consulting helps you solve the difficulties you face in your business,speed up inovation processes and create high performance opportunities.

In today's technology-dependent business environment, it is critical for the success of your business to relate infrastructure investments to your business objectives and performance. As a result of the enterprise systems integration, enterprise IT operations can reduce costs and risks, and follow –up the company's performance and development can be improved.

At 7Gates Interactive Technologies we work together with our customers , understand their goals, and create a clear vision that will enable them rapid and uninterrupted achievement of their goals. By integrating new technologies into our own special software or 2,000,000 users worldwide and approximately 4,000 active modules Odoo, we offer special enterprise solutions to all sectors and companies.

Based on our wide-range solutions, IT consulting and the integration services we offer our customers hepl that covers our customers' technology organisations and technological assets portfolio, as well as help at critical and delicate operations management. The services we offer our clients in this area include the following:
  • Development of business strategies in compliance with information technology strategies
  • Design, development and implementation of business integration solutions to business processes that can be managed through Middleware, such as inter-agency or internal applications and system components integration.
  • Design of custom applications that meet a wide variety of business requirements, development, realization of functional and performance testing, implementation
  • Large-scale information technology projects/programs management